Our Services

There is compelling evidence to show that smaller is better when it comes to education. Smaller communities of teachers and learners provide a beneficial environment for personalization, curriculum integration, and professional collaboration. Smaller schools are safer and more cost effective.

Since 1991, the Small Schools Workshop has been providing leadership in all areas of school restructuring. Whether working with teams of educators and community members to create new small public schools, or re-designing large high schools into Smaller Learning Communities, the Workshop is your valuable source of support.

The Small Schools Workshop has a skilled team of experienced educators and school-improvement specialists ready to work with teachers and school leaders. We are not an off-the-shelf, pre-packaged program. Rather, as our name implies, we are a Workshop, crafting strategic plans and professional development programs with energy, experience, problem-solving skills, and cutting-edge research and analysis. Workshop members will work directly with local leadership teams to customize and help organize your change and design process.

Our menu of supportive programs and services includes:

  • School-change feasibility studies
  • Resource and grant development
  • Curriculum-integration projects
  • Peer coaching and team-building techniques
  • Designing advisory programs
  • Public information meetings and forums
  • Parent and community engagement
  • Building a culture of literacy
  • National conferences, courses and summer institutes